Bergen Plastics is one of the 147 signatories in the European Plastic Pact, from 21 countries, that have chosen to be one of the frontrunner companies and governments to accelerate the transition towards European circular plastics economy. As a signatory of the European Plastic Pact we believe despite the many benefits plastics provide us, we face a huge challenge in reducing the plastic wastage and littering. To face this challenge, the European Plastics Pact accelerates the shifts toward the reuse and recycling of single-use plastic products and packaging.

The Pact brings together governments and frontrunners, as Bergen Plastics, from across the whole value chain. They work together towards four goals aimed at design, responsible use, recycling capacity and the use of recycled content. The Pact supports this work by offering a unique platform to exchange ideas, display good practice and discuss challenges, needed to build a new circular default for all to follow.