Child-safe packaging for laundry capsules.

Bergen Plastics is the preferred supplier of packaging solutions to some of the leading brands and companies in the FMCG segment. We are proud of our strong team of workers shaping this fantastic company where innovation and leading technologies is embraced and contribute to a unique success story.

Child-safe packaging for laundry capsules.

Bergen Plastics is the market leader when it comes to Child Safe Packaging for Laundry Capsules in Europe. We have since 2005 been developing and manufacturing special packaging for laundry capsules to some of the biggest brands and private label holders in Europe. In 2016 we introduced the first products certified according to ISO 8317 and today we are in possession of several products that is certified as child safe products, according to the valid market standards. We are supplying standard products and special designs that is sold exclusive to typically brand owners.

Due to the strong R&D capacities of Bergen Plastics we have developed the products and solutions that have become the market standards of the products you find in the shelfs everywhere in Europe today. Bergen Plastics is the inventor and design holder of designs such as Super Safe, Plus Safe, Round Safe, Standard Safe, and we were the first to implement anchor-hooks, hidden hooks and tub-frame extension to prevent children from entering the tubs. Today many of our design elements have been ”picked up” by the competition and implemented in their products. As the market leader, Bergen Plastics are leading the innovation and our new products are being positively welcomed in the market. Today we are focusing on the sustainability elements in combination with maintaining good and consumer friendly solutions that is Child Safe according to ISO 8317. We see a strong trend going in the direction of high inclusion levels of PCR as well as IML. Currently Bergen Plastics is expanding our product portfolio of standard products, and are continuously implementing and introducing new products to the market.

Brands and references using packaging solutions from Bergen Plastics.

Packaging solutions.

Bergen Plastics are very dedicated in the work of developing sustainable packaging solutions for Laundry Capsules. We believe our solutions with high inclusion levels of PCR is an important step forward, but still the most important for Bergen Plastics is that our solution shall be:

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