Packaging innovation.

Bergen Plastics have for more than 70 years been leading the innovation in our industry. Today, as in the past, innovation is about the future, and we care about the future. For us future oriented innovation is not only about product development, for us it is about the people behind the development work. We have a team of experienced designers and innovation engineers that develop the products for the demand of tomorrow in the FMCG industry. When we develop the future packaging, we do this whit a brave focus on sustainability, safety for children and most of all the perfect balance of functionality for the industry and for the end-consumers. Innovation for us is to make new products and new solutions that secure our future in a sustainable never ending process. The perfect product today, will always be replaced by a new product tomorrow, and we at Bergen Plastics wants to take lead in this never ending search for innovation.

R&D at Bergen Plastics.

Bergen Plastics have our own R&D department where we develop new and improved products and processes. We have access to all known development tools and equipment, inhouse. And the design and engineering teams have access to modern prototype lab with 3D-printers and vacuum-casting equipment as well as a modern, well equipped, lab for mechanical testing and qualifications. Bergen Plastics have also lab equipped for testing and analyzing the polymers in use, to be able to optimize the products as well as verifying and securing the quality of our input materials.

For us R&D is a central part of the company, with strategic importance. When we develop new products, we always design for manufacturing. To secure the best quality and the optimal processability of the products we have experienced workers as part of the development team. For us this is very important, because then we can reuse and implement elements of best practice from production as well as the creativity of the designers and engineers are going trough a internal bench mark, that secure the future success of our innovations.

As a leader in the industry we realize that cooperation with suppliers and customers as well as other external parties is important. We have many examples of successful products developed in strong partnership with our suppliers and customers.

Innovative Solutions

Bergen Plastics is well known in the market as an innovation oriented manufacturer of thin walled packaging. We are working proactive with innovation and we strive to lead the industry by focusing on what we mean is important. Some important elements of the innovation work at Bergen Plastics:

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