From innovation through production and logistics – Quality and WCM is our driving force.

We care about our company and our customers! Quality systems and routines is important tools in our strategic way of securing the future for our company through successful deliveries to our customers. At Bergen Plastics we realize that quality, as systems and well implemented routines, is about our workers in cooperation with the management. We have management driven systems, such as ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000, where all workers in every level of the organization take active roles to make system live and real. We have continuous training and onboarding programs for new employees and a active and engaged quality management that focus on well implemented and day-to day quality work.

As a supplier to the European FMCG market we know that quality of our products is key essential for the success of our customers. To secure our customers interests we have established strong cooperation between our quality department and the quality department of our customers. Pending on the volumes we deliver and how integrated we are with our customers we have several successful examples of daily and weekly “drum-beat” meetings where we discuss and solve in real-time quality- or improvement potentials. We see that the closer we integrate with our customers the more successful the cooperation becomes. Working together is a very solid fundament of understanding our customers needs to run their production lines with high output and with as small as possible loss and waste.

At Bergen Plastics we have a unique team of workers and a management that see the benefits of WCM. The goal is zero accidents, zero service and quality defects, zero inventory and zero breakdowns. The purpose of WCM is to make Bergen Plastics more competitive by creating competent workers and work environment to attack losses. The key players in our WCM work is the director (our plant manager) his team leaders and all the factory workers. Our WCM work is real time oriented. When we see losses, we measure them and take proper countermeasures against them as quickly as possible. Bergen Plastics focus on growing the creativity we have in our organization. We trust that our way of working, where continuous learning and improvement programs supported by leadership and management results in world class manufacturing. Our ambition is to become better every day, to secure our future and the interest of our customers.

Quality systems & Lab facilities.

Bergen Plastics is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The standard is used by Bergen Plastics to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement. Continuous improvement assures our customers benefit by receiving products and services from Bergen Plastics that meet agreed requirements, and products that have consistent performance and quality. Internally our ISO 9001 management system gives throughout the organization increased job satisfaction, improved morale and improved operational results.

Bergen Plastics is a European market leader within the segment of special packaging for Laundry Capsules and we are a Scandinavian supplier of thin walled food packaging. We are certified according to FSSC 22000. This is a food safety system certification system that provides a framework for effectively managing Bergen Plastics food safety responsibilities. FSSC 22000 is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is based on existing ISO Standards.

Bergen Plastics holds a modern quality inspection lab where we can do all types of relevant analyzes from mechanical testing to measuring and weight control. Lab work is a integrated way of working where both the R&D team and the production team take grate advantage of having facilities, equipment and well trained people to support them. As PCR (post consumer recycled materials) are more and more being used across our product portfolio we have equipped our lab with equipment that enables us to analyze the properties of our input materials.