Our company – Statement from our director

Bergen Plastics is all about our team of workers, the knowledge we have, the experience we have gained and how we convert this into valuable cooperation with some of the biggest brands and players in the FMCG industry. I am so proud of being part of the growth of the company and have the pleasure to collaborate with such a skilled and motivated workforce. We have made solid investment in machinery, automation and factory infrastructure, but all of this has no meaning or value if we did not have the strongest team in the industry.

We shall continue to build our organisation and continue to invite talents to join our teams. For the future, diversity in nationality and background will continue to be important to accelerate the lead we have in the segment of sustainable child safe packaging for laundry capsules, and thin walled packaging in general. We shall continue to challenge everything we do and try to improve and optimize, so that we can create the best possible fundament for sustainable growth and innovation.

Safety shall always be our first priority. We shall be reactive, preventive and proactive when we build our organization so that the focus on the safety of our workers is always on top of the agenda. We shall challenge and improve every process and every method so that safety is improved. Our target is zero injuries.

Bergen Plastics shall attack all types of losses and friction and focus on building the most competitive organization in our business. I am so much looking forward to our continuous growth and the positive energy that comes out of the fantastic collaboration with all our partners, customers and the employees.

Jan Atle Ellingsen
Jan Atle Ellingsen


Our vision is to be the company that successfully drive the innovation and production of sustainable child safe packaging for laundry capsules and thin walled packaging in general, serving the FMCG industry worldwide.


Management and workers of all levels of our organization shall use their knowledge and passion for the company to create and produce special packaging that makes a difference for the everyday consumer.


Our goal is to build a company that values our workers, customers, suppliers and the environment in such a way that we can grow our market and becoming a world wide market leader in our segment.