Bergen Plastics is a pioneer in the European plastic industry. The company was founded in 1947, by Mr. Trygve Heggland. Since the beginning passion for plastic, innovation and sustainable growth have been the driving force towards what we are today. In our history the company have been involved in hundreds of development project, some have proved to be icons in the industry and some not. We have learned to believe that everything is possible with plastic, and it truly is.

The industry and Bergen Plastics have changed a lot since 1947, and today we are probably one of the leading converters in Europe when we look at our innovation capacity, our factory floor with the best equipment and infrastructure you can have and our strong force of employees that is well trained and educated and specialists in their area of the company.

In 1947 there was one and sometimes two workers at each machine, and the factory was only running 8 hours, 5 days a week. Today Bergen Plastics have a big fleet of machines from, Netstal, fully automated and 0,2 workers on each machine. The factory is today running 24/7-365 days, with OEE on record levels of our industry. And with our WCM projects we will never be satisfied, we are fighting every day to make the organisation more competitive by creating competent people to attach losses, on every level of the company.

At Bergen Plastics we believe that this is the best way of securing the future, building on our strong history and improve and innovate every single day. We have a fantastic team that consist of exceptional workers – This is what have shaped our history, this is what is shaping our future.

Some referance examples of special packaging made by Bergen Plastics

The company's roadmap